Madison County Code

Ordinances and resolutions are the mechanisms by which the Board of Supervisors exercises its authority to provide public services and to direct county affairs. A recorded affirmative vote of a majority of supervisors present and voting at a meeting is required in order to adopt any ordinance or resolution. When a final vote is taken on any ordinance or resolution, the name of each member voting, and how he or she voted, is recorded in the minutes of that meeting.

The Board of Supervisors is the local legislative body for Madison County, Virginia.  By state law, the Board is authorized to adopt such ordinances as it deems expedient, to secure and promote the health, safety, and general welfare of County inhabitants—so long as such ordinances are not inconsistent with the general laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  As a result of a rule of state statutory construction known as the “Dillon Rule,” all Board actions must be supported by a state grant of authority, either express or implied. 

State law prescribes procedures to be followed in the enactment of local ordinances, and in some cases, the law may dictate the form and content of a particular ordinance. Most types of County ordinances require publication of notice to the general public once a week, for two (2) successive weeks prior to adoption.  Emergency ordinances may be adopted without such notice, but they may not be enforced for more than 60 days unless re-adopted as allowed by law.  Certain types of zoning ordinances (but not all) may require notice to individual property owners as well as the publication of a general notice to the public.