Jury Duty

Court Room

On an annual basis, in accordance with Virginia law, names of prospective jurors for the upcoming calendar year are randomly selected from lists provided by the State Board of Elections and the Department of Motor Vehicles. Prospective jurors are required to complete a confidential questionnaire and return it to the Clerk’s Office, PO Box 220, 1 Main Street, Madison, VA  22727.  You are required by law to return the completed Jury Questionnaire to the Court.

Juror information must be kept current. If your mailing address, telephone number, or employment information has changed or does change from the previous September questionnaire you completed, you must notify the Clerk of the Circuit Court immediately.

Notices or Summons for trials will be mailed usually two weeks in advance of the trial date. You must immediately confirm receipt of this jury summons by mailing the postcard back to the Sheriff’s Office.

You must report for jury duty on the date you are called by 9 am unless otherwise instructed. You may check on the status of your jury duty by calling the Sheriff’s Office at 540-948-5161 after 5 pm on the evening prior to the trial date. Pursuant to §8.01-356 of the Code of Virginia, the Court shall fine a juror who fails to appear as noticed. There is a minimum fine of $50 for each failure to appear to a maximum of $200. In the event that a juror does not appear as scheduled, the Court may summons the juror to appear before the Court to show cause for the failure to serve.

If you have any scheduling issues for the designated period of your jury service, you may provide a written list of any pre-scheduled appointments, meetings, or vacations to the Circuit Court. If you have a serious medical problem, which would prohibit you from serving at any time during the term, or would make jury service unreasonably difficult or uncomfortable, please secure a Doctor’s statement and mail, fax, or deliver it to the Clerk’s Office. The Clerk cannot contact your doctor. Only the Judge of the Circuit Court can excuse jurors from jury duty.

Attendance fees are set by Virginia law. You will be paid $50 per day.

Parking is limited around the Courthouse. In order to assure parking near the Courthouse, please plan to arrive early for jury service.

Proper dress is required for trials. You should dress comfortably but in proper attire. 

Weapons of any kind (including pocket knives) are prohibited from the courtroom. Cell phones are not permitted in the courtroom.

For further information regarding Jury Duty, we have provided a link to the Jury Orientation video.

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