Health Department

Each county in Virginia is required to establish and maintain a local health department. Madison County meets this requirement through a contractual agreement with the Virginia Department of Health. The state appoints a regional health director, and that individual and his staff are state employees. The County reimburses the Commonwealth annually for the operation of the local Department. Among the programs administered through the local Health Department are drinking water; emergency preparedness and response; environmental health services; epidemiology; and family health services.

“Environmental services” include inspection of restaurants, wells, and septic systems.

For more information, please visit the Virginia Department of Health website.

District DirectorWade Kartchner, MD, 540-347-6363
Business ManagerDana McClelland540-347-6363
Environmental Health ManagerWhitney Wright540-347-6363
Nurse ManagerPaula Donner540-347-6400
EpidemiologistDaniel Ferrell540-347-6363
Emergency PlannerKathryn Hatter540-829-7350