Local Design Criteria

Note: Madison County has areas of suspected and-or areas of known Expansive (shrink-swell) soils. Please see the Expansive Soils Policy on the Document Center page/repository.

Note: per the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code:

  • Duct Leakage (pressure) Testing is mandatory
  • Building Envelope Leakage (blower door) Testing is mandatory

Virginia Residential Code Table R301.2 (1) CLIMATIC AND GEOGRAPHIC DESIGN CRITERIA

Frost Line Depth18 inches
Ground Snow Load30 PSF
Wind Speed (Vult) 110 MPH
Special Wind RegionNo
Windborne Debris ZoneNo
Topographical Effects Yes
Residential Seismic Design CategoryB
Seismic MCER ground motion (period=0.2s) 0.165
Seismic MCER ground motion (period=1.0s) 0.061
Weather probability for concreteSevere
Termite infestation probabilityModerate to severe
Decay probabilityModerate
Ice barrier requiredYes
Winter Design Temperature10 degrees (F)
Air Freezing Index500
Mean Annual Temperature

53 degrees (F)

Flood Hazards (FEMA SFHA)

Initial Entry into the NFIP

Current effective date of FIS & FIRM

Yes: Zones A, AE & un-shaded-X

April 3, 1989

September 18, 2020

The Madison County GIS has separate layers for Expansive (shrink-swell) Soils and FEMA designated special flood hazard areas (flood zones).