Building Code Board of Appeals

Purpose and Typical Duties

The Building Code Board of Appeals hears cases in which any person aggrieved by the Building Official's application of the building code or the Building Official's refusal to grant a modification to its provisions.

Length of Term

4 years

Term Limitations

There are no limits on the number of terms a member may serve.

Number of Members

Five Members (minimum, not including alternates)

Meeting Time and Place

Meetings are held in the Board Auditorium at 414 N. Main Street as needed.

Member Qualification

Members are, to the extent possible, represent different occupational or professional fields relating to the construction industry. Employees or officials of Madison County cannot serve as members.


§ 36-105 of the Code of Virginia and 13VAC5-63-190. Section 119 Appeals of the Virginia Administrative Code

Appointment Process

Members are appointed by the Board of Supervisors .


$30/member/meeting attended.


Name: Appointment Expires: Email:
Chris Artale 3/10/2027 Email Chris Artale

Alvin Esh 3/10/2027 Email Alvin Esh

J. Daniel Crigler 3/10/2027 Email Daniel Crigler Jr.

Scott Lohr 3/10/2025 Email Scott Lohr

John Stamp 3/10/2025 Email John Stamp

Amanda Richards, Secretary* N/A Email Amanda Richards

* The Secretary for the Building Code Board of Appeals has been appointed until further notice.

Application to Appeal