Industrial Development Authority

Purpose and Typical Duties

The Industrial Development Authority of Madison County may issue bonds from time to time in its discretion, for any of its purposes, including the payment of all or any part of the cost of authority facilities and including the payment or retirement of bonds previously issued by it. 

Length of Term

4 Years

Term Limitations

There are no limits on the number of terms a member may serve.

Number of Members

Seven Directors

Meeting Time and Place

Meetings are held in the Board Auditorium at 414 N. Main Street as needed.

Member Qualification

No director shall be an officer or employee of Madison County.

Before entering upon the duties of a member of the authority, an appointee shall not be eligible to be seated until an oath of office is administered by the Clerk of the Circuit Court or other qualified official.


Code of Virginia, § 15.2-4904, § 15.2-4908

Appointment Process

Members are appointed by the Board of Supervisors.




Name:Appointment Expires:Email:
Paul D. Utz4/11/2026Email Paul Utz
Steve Grayson4/11/2024Email Steve Grayson
Douglas Parsons4/11/2024Email Douglas Parsons
William Hale4/11/2027Email William Hale
Steven S. Hoffman4/11/2027Email Steven Hoffman
Pete Elliott4/11/2025Email Pete Elliott
Mike Snider4/11/2026Email Mike Snider

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