Germanna Community College Board

Purpose and Typical Duties

Germanna’s College Board acts in an advisory capacity to the State Board and performs such duties with respect to the operation of Germanna Community College as may be delegated to it by the State Board.  The College Board stands fully committed to the Mission, Vision and Values of the College and the guiding principles and direction set by the State Board for Community College under the legal authority provided by the Commonwealth of Virginia.  The College Board affirms that Germanna is a Learning Centered College and that the Board will be guided in its decision-making and advisory capacity by the following two questions:

  1. How will this decision/action/recommendation support student learning and success?
  2. How will we measure student learning and success?

The College Board further affirms that it will work collegially and collaboratively to further the Mission of the College and to put the interests of the students and communities the College serves at the forefront of its work.  As per State Board Policy, members of the College Board serve as at large members regardless of the locality which has appointed them, and are “charged with the responsibility of serving the best interests of the whole region being served by the college.”

Length of Term

4 Year

Term Limitations

There are no limits on the number of terms a member may serve.

Number of Members

2 Members (One Rotational Member)

Meeting Time and Place

Germanna’s College Board meets in January, March, May, July (retreat), September and November. Meetings are rotated between campuses and college sites. The dates may be subject to change.

Member Qualification

A representative from Madison County.



Appointment Process

Members are appointed by the Board of Supervisors.




Name:Appointment Expires: Email: 
Sarah Berry
At-Large Member 
(Currently Not Madison's Rotation Period)