Boards & Committees

Many individuals contribute to Madison County, the services enjoyed by residents and business operators, and our overall quality of life through their service on one of the county's many boards, commissions, authorities and agencies.

Some of these groups are comprised of all members appointed by the Board of Supervisors; some, but not all, members appointed by the Board of Supervisors to represent Madison County on the group; and some are appointed by other agencies or official.

A complete list of all Board, Authority, and Committee appointments can be found below. To narrow results to County appointed or Externally appointed boards and committees, please use the menu bar to the left and expand the list using the "+" icon.

Board Liaisons & Other Appointments

A list of appointees can be found on the Board Liaisons & Other Appointments page.
  • Coordinator of Emergency Management
  • Deputy Coordinator of Emergency Management
  • Deputy Director of Emergency Management
  • Director of Emergency Management
  • Historical Society Liaison
  • Madison County Fire Department Liaison
  • Madison County School Board Liaison
  • Madison Town Council Liaison
  • Planning Commission Liaison
  • Tourism Committee Liaison