Alarm Registration

All alarm systems are required by ordinance to be registered with the 911 center. Owners are required by the ordinance to register their alarm prior to installing, using, or maintaining any alarm system on any premises within Madison County.  The owner shall utilize the form below to provide the Dispatch Center with the information needed. 

Section 3 of the ordinance states that if three (3) false alarms are received within any ninety (90) day period, an alarm user shall be charged, and shall pay, a penalty of one hundred dollars ($100) for the fourth and each subsequent false alarm that results in any emergency response during that 90-day period.

Defined False Alarm – the activation of any alarm system, eliciting a response from Madison County’s law enforcement and/or emergency service providers when, in fact, a situation requiring such responses (i.e., a situation involving actual or threatened criminal activity, or constituting an immediate danger to life and property) does not exist, and such activation results from mechanical or electronic failure, malfunction, or improper installation or maintenance of the alarm system and/or the neglect of the alarm user, his employees, tenants or agents.  The term shall not include alarms caused by electrical power disruptions or failure, or alarms occurring during electrical storms, hurricanes, tornados, blizzards, or other unusually violent acts of God.

Alarm Registration (PDF)