Road Names / Addressing / MSAG


Street Names

The Director of Emergency Communications is responsible for maintaining a working list of the street names in the County.  Roads were named when E-9-1-1 was established in Madison and they continue to be named when certain criteria are met.  Any road that services four or more occupied dwellings will be assigned a road name.  The County is now addressing approved unoccupied secondary structures as a matter of public safety.  Secondary structures will not be used in the equation to establish a road name because they are unoccupied.


Addresses are established through the joint effort of Emergency Communications and the Madison County Building Official.  The Building Official will take location-specific information when the footers are inspected on a new construction under a building permit or upon an approved request for a secondary structure.  This information will then be used to generate an address, specific to the exact location of a structure; this being the reason a temporary or portable structure shall not be addressed.  The Director of Emergency Communications then ensures that the correct information is loaded on the E-9-1-1 map in the Emergency Communication Center so that responders can be routed to the correct location.  During the same process, the address is also added to the County GIS website.

Secondary Structures

The County has made an amendment to the original addressing ordinance and staff will now be addressing approved secondary structures.  Please see the documents below for information regarding the Secondary Structure Policy and Application.  Information about the secondary structure policy can also be obtained by stopping by the 911 Communications Center at
115 Church Street
Madison, VA 22727

MSAG (Master Street Address Guide)

The master street address guide will be kept by the Director of Emergency Communications.  This is a complete list of every named road in Madison County and is continuously changing.