County Administration

The County Administrator is appointed by the Madison County Board of Supervisors to serve as a chief administrative officer and perform the duties specified by Section 15.2-1541 of the Code of Virginia, those set forth in the policies and regulations adopted by the Board, and those set forth in a legal directive from the Board.  He is responsible for the proper management of all the affairs of the county which are within the Board’s authority to control.

The County Administrator keeps the Board informed of the County’s financial condition and sees that policies and priorities established by the Board of Supervisors are carried out. In Madison County, the County Administrator also serves as the County’s:

  • Budget Officer, including preparation of recommendations for an annual County budget,
  • Personnel Officer,
  • Purchasing Agent,
  • Freedom of Information Act Officer,
  • Public Information Officer, and
  • Liaison between the Board and the County’s Emergency Services Coordinator.