Commissioner of Revenue

The Commissioner of Revenue office is open:

  • Please use the drop box at the front door when possible
  • Please conduct business over the phone when possible

These efforts are to limit social interactions in response to the COVID-19 disease. If you have signs of illness or symptoms, please eliminate public interaction. For more information on COVID-19 visit the Virginia Department of Health website.


The primary duty of the Commissioner of Revenue is tax assessment. The Commissioner is required to ascertain and assess, at fair market value, all subjects of taxation in the county as of January 1 each year. His duties also include administration of the county’s program for real estate tax deferral and exemptions, administration of the County’s program for special land use assessments, and receiving state and local tax returns. The Commissioner of Revenue is a Constitutional Officer who is directly elected by the citizens of Madison County for a term of 4 years.


Carry out the laws of the Commonwealth, providing courteous and knowledgeable service and assistance to the citizens of Madison County.  It is this office’s obligation and desire to use common sense, exercise good judgment and administer fairness to each taxpayer and implement ethical and moral practices.