Using The Website

Welcome to the new website for Madison County powered by CivicPlus®! To better utilize the new features and functionality of our new site, please refer to the guide below.


Madison County has a number of different alerts available for the public to subscribe to in order to stay up-to-date and informed of local happenings and emergencies. These alerts can be broken up into three separate and distinct groups:

Alert Center

The Alert Center is the County's low-level emergency notification system and can be found on the NotifyMe Page of the website. Alerts from the Alert Center will be displayed at the top of all pages on the website when an alert is active and will continue to do so until the alert has ended. Typically, alerts from the Alert Center will be used for getting information that is not an immediate emergency out to the public. These alerts will cover the following:

  • Facility Closures

To sign up for the Alert Center, please visit the NotifyMe Page and subscribe to the alerts desired under the "Alert Center" tab using the instructions provided.

Hyper-Reach Alerts

Hyper-Reach is the County's high-level emergency notification system. Through Hyper-Reach, we are able to send messages via automated telephone calls, text messaging (SMS), email, and social media apps such as Twitter. Outside of localized emergencies such as dangerous weather conditions and wildlife safety events, this system will also be used to alert the public on the following matters should they occur:

  • Amber Alerts
  • Toxic Chemical Warnings
  • Active Shooter Alerts

For more information on the County's Hyper-Reach system, please visit the Hyper-Reach Home Page or call 855-266-8439 (855-2-Notify). To sign up for local alerts, please visit the County's Signup Page.


NotifyMe is the County's general public alerts (I.E. non-emergencies) system. Through NotifyMe, members of the public can signup for notifications from specific County Departments, posts made on the County's main calendar, and when new agendas are posted for any of the boards or committees that regularly post an agenda for their meetings.

To sign up for NotifyMe, please visit the NotifyMe Page and subscribe to the group alerts desired using the instructions provided.