Victim Witness Program Services


The Victim/Witness Program Office is located in the Madison County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office. Our goal is to make sure crime victims and witnesses receive fair and compassionate treatment while participating in the Criminal Justice System. Victims and witnesses have a very important role in the prosecution of cases. We know this process can be frightening and frustrating, as many victims and witnesses are not familiar with the Criminal Justice System. We are here to make this experience easier for you and to support you through the entire process.


  • You have been the victim of a crime. 
  • You have a question about your role as a witness. 
  • You need information regarding the status of your case. 
  • You need help filing for a protective order. 
  • You would like an explanation of court procedures or a tour of the courtroom before you testify.
  • You would like someone to help you feel safe at court. 
  • You want assistance in filing for compensation under the Virginia Victims Fund. 
  • You need a referral to an agency for counseling, housing or other services. 
  • You are not receiving court ordered restitution payments. 
  • You received threats or harassment related to your role as a victim or witness. 
  • Your personal property is being held as evidence, and you want to know if, when, and how to retrieve it.