If You Receive a Bill

Madison County began billing for ambulance services in 2010, in an effort to recover a portion of the cost of providing those services. We want residents to know, without fail, that no one will be denied service because of their inability to pay or lack of health insurance. Remember to always call 911 in an emergency, regardless of billing concerns.  

You will only receive a bill if you are transported to the hospital. If we transport you to the hospital, our billing vendor Ambulance Medical Billing (AMB) will send a bill to your insurance company. AMB may contact you via phone call or standard mailing if they need additional billing information.  Their mailings will come addressed from the Madison County Board of Supervisors, however, the city will be Paducah, KY.  AMB is located in Paducah, KY.

If you do not have insurance, or you receive a bill at your home, please contact Chief Hillstrom at 540-948-7540.

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