How will billing-for-EMS-services work?

Beginning August 1, 2010, Madison County will generate a bill each time EMS services, including ambulance transports, are provided to a patient by the staff of the County's Department of Emergency Medical Services ("MEMS"). Madison County has contracted with Ambulance Medical Billing  (view the company's website for more information) to handle the billing process. Following receipt of EMS services, a patient will receive correspondence from Ambulance Medical Billing asking for confirmation of residence address and insurance coverage. Once information about a patient's insurance coverage has been verified, a claim form will be forwarded to his insurance provider, Medicare, or Medicaid as may be applicable. Patients themselves will not be billed until all insurance options have been exhausted.

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1. If I don't have health insurance, will other types of insurance pay for EMS services?
2. How will billing-for-EMS-services work?
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