When and where are the Board of Supervisors meetings?

Board Meetings

Open meetings of the Madison County Board of Supervisors, including joint meetings with the Planning Commission, are held in the Board Auditorium located within the Administration Building at 414 North Main Street unless otherwise noted. Per month, the Board will hold two regular meetings and one joint meeting with the Planning Commission. The dates and times for these meetings are as follows:

First Regular Meeting

Apart from regular meeting items, the first regular meeting serves as the meeting where County Departments provide updates to the Board of Supervisors. While Department updates may also be given upon request at other meetings, the first regular meeting always has an item listed for updates by County Departments, Constitutional Officers, Agencies, and Other Committees.

These meetings are held on the Second Tuesday of Each Month at 4:00 PM.

Second Regular Meeting

The second regular meetings, unless otherwise noted, do not feature an item for County Department updates. While Departments may give updates at these meetings, there is no regular item on the agenda for these updates to be given.

These meetings are held on the Fourth Tuesday of Each Month at 6:00 PM.

Joint Meeting with the Planning Commission

The Planning Commission serves as the advisor to the Board of Supervisors in matters of planning and zoning by preparing and recommending plans, ordinances, capital improvement programs and similar documents, and reviewing development proposals. Joint meetings between the Board and Planning Commission typically involve the review of cases regarding rezoning, special use permits, subdivision applications, the County plan, and ordinance reviews.

These meetings are held on the First Wednesday of Each Month at 7:00 PM.

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1. When and where are the Board of Supervisors meetings?
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